The communities of Girty’s Run watershed have had a long history of flooding and reconstruction which has created a legacy of resilience as well as a shared concern for water issues. With start-up assistance from Allegheny Watershed Alliance, the Girty’s Run Watershed Association aims to unify these concerns and promote a shared platform for creating change that builds upon the many strengths, resources, and opportunities already available in the watershed communities of McCandless, West View, Ross, Shaler, Reserve, and Millvale.

Successful sustainable development requires partnerships among governments, the private sector, and civil society. Watershed associations exist beyond municipal boundaries just as rain falls and water flows beyond boundaries. The individuals and groups that come together under a watershed association’s umbrella have a shared vision and shared goals that place people and the planet at the center.

Girty’s Run Watershed Association is dedicated to promoting a just and healthy watershed system through advocacy, education, and conservation.

Girty’s Run Watershed Association envisions a healthy watershed where improvements in stormwater management and water quality highlight Girty’s Run as an asset to communities and ensures resident quality of life in addition to vitality of the native ecosystem.

Guiding Principles

  1. Local communities, businesses, agencies, municipalities, and the public work together to build support for and implement the watershed vision.
  2. The watershed is managed as a model of the interdependency of all resources and beings.
  3. The natural beauty and character of the landscape is maintained where possible.
  4. Sustainable stormwater and land management practices are used to ensure natural resource protection and resident quality of life.
  5. An adaptive, scientific approach is the foundation for decision making and management of the watershed’s resources, and scientific research in the watershed is encouraged and supported.
  6. Education is provided as a foundation for future watershed protection and stewardship.
  7. Opportunities for positive experiences and interaction with the natural environment are fostered.