The Stone Child
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The Stone Child
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“A deceptive little film that challenges notions of fatherhood, family, and self-identity.” –  Film Threat
“A beautiful film and a true example of the essence of cinema.” –  Slamdance Film Festival
“Wonderful characters in imaginative, emotional situations.” –  BlueCat Screenplay Competition

After a painful divorce, Mathew, an 11-year-old Lakota Native-American boy, of mixed blood, goes out to eat with his father, Ray, at an all-white restaurant in rural South Dakota when all hell breaks loose. Old wounds rupture, and Ray pushes Mathew further and further away, into the freedom of a new terrain – the Badlands. Finally, desperate acts bring Mathew face to face with his own inner strengths, and with this discovery come the tools to build a kind of home only before glimpsed in dreams.


Rhode Island International Film Festival

LA Shorts Film Festival

Southern Winds Film Festival

San Diego Film Festival

Heard Museum Film Festival

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Queens International Film Festival

Big Apple Film Festival

American Indian Film Festival

Taos Shortz Film Festival

Miami Short Film Festival

Santa Fe Film Festival

Tiburon International Film Festival

Cinequest Film Festival

Sedona International Film Festival

Washington DC Independent Film Festival

Palm Beach International Film Festival

Cine Las Americas International Film Festival

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