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““A beautiful, heart-wrenching film that offers far more than empathy. It dares viewers to explore a disturbing corner of the Iraq War, a realm that no film has yet to touch: the blight of depleted uranium poisoning, which has infected thousands of Iraq veterans but is yet to be acknowledged by the Pentagon and is virtually unknown to the American public.”
–  The Huffington Post – by Joshua Kors
“This movie is neither for the war or against it. It is 100% for the troops.”
–  Christopher Neff, Former Lance Corporal, USMC, Infantry OIF 2003-2005
“I was blown away by Chris Martini’s “Trooper.” It stirred a myriad of emotions in me that, as a veteran, I haven’t felt before. It’s a powerful yet sensitive film that hits its mark like a freight train, then provocatively presses further on points about veterans easily overlooked. Viewers will identify with this story; it bridges the gap between two generations of military service. Every veteran — no — every American, should see this film.”
– LTC Raymond (Ray) Morris U.S. Army Special Forces (ret)

Murphy O’Shea, an Iraq Veteran, has a hard time re-adjusting to society upon his return from a long tour. His world crumbles when he discovers his father, Bill, a Vietnam Veteran, is dying. “Trooper” is the story of a father and son, two veterans from two very different Wars, helping each other to get through each day, and heal the wounds of War.


  • Garden State Film Festival – Asbury Park, NJ
  • Gulf War Veterans Reunion – Dallas, TX
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival – Philadelphia, PA
  • Planet Hollywood – Times Square, NYC
  • John Jay College Veterans Group – NYC
  • 101st Airborne “Snowbird” Reunion – Orland, FL
  • NYU Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association – NYC
  • The Cell – NYC
  • Military Writer’s Society of America – Orlando, FL
  • The Actor’s Studio – NYC